Custom Cabinetry

When designing a kitchen, it is important to begin by choosing your appliances. Once the appliances are chosen, the cabinetry and the kitchen are created around them. Cabinetry normally accounts for about half the total cost of your remodeling project and will have the greatest impact on your budget. Cabinets range in price considerably, based on quality, type of material used and whether they are stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets.

With half of your budget dedicated to the cost of your cabinets, the cabinetry that you select must be of a quality and level of craftsmanship that truly reflects your discriminating needs and taste. This is why Great Kitchens carries only quality cabinetry products.

Check our Vendor’s websites for the Environmental Stewardship Program. You can be assured that you’re doing your part to protect the environment.

Wood-Mode Cabinetry craftspeople perform a painstaking hand-rubbing process. It’s a unique procedure that has been developed over the last half century, a technique that has made them America’s most respected custom cabinet manufacturer. Many steps are involved: fine hand-sanding of the topcoat; rubbing with fine steel wool; a hand application of paste wax; and finally, a hand buffing to create the smoothest, richest patina imaginable. In addition to our wide array of standard wood finishes, we can also customize colors to match your décor. This means no Wood-Mode color or finish ever becomes obsolete. Discontinued finishes can be reproduced, so you can always color match additional cabinetry, even after decades have gone by. Finally, Wood-Mode offers an exciting selection of gloss or matte finish laminates and opaque finishes in a palette of over 50 colors. You can even blend wood with laminates and opaque to satisfy your personal tastes.

Brookhaven by Wood-Mode, Semi-Custom Cabinetry When you select Brookhaven, you are getting the finest semi-custom cabinetry available. A product of Wood-Mode, Brookhaven is an ideal blend of toughness and beauty. In fact, all of Wood-Mode’s vast experience and skill have gone into creating Brookhaven – built-to-order cabinetry at a less than custom price.


*New cabinetry lines as of 2016, click the company to read more about them*


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